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Special Yin Yoga Class

The Kula Center is pleased to feature a special class presented
by Jeri Hines

Calling all Yoginauts to travel into the deep space of YOU!
Please join us for this Delightful Yin Yoga Class.
All Levels are Welcomed
Slow Deep Movement with Long Luxurious Holds
* Breathing *Quiet * Be Brave * Explore *


The Kula Center
Saturday, March 28, 2020
1:00 – 3:00pm

     Reserve a place: text: 513.675.7582


about jeri:

Jeri: yogi, mom, teacher, wife, friend, traveler, seeker, actress, activist and budding astrologer!
In April of 2016 Jeri proudly completed her 200 RYT at Shine Yoga Studio in Cincinnati with Kate Noble, Rob Dorgan and Erin Trentel. She very fast latched onto a Yin Yoga slant to her teaching style because the last third of most yoga classes resonated the most with her. going deep. abiding in the posture. being completely still. lingering.
The yin classes she taught created a strong following and so by demand she has taught it ever since.
Currently she is searching for a 300 RYT Yin Certification.