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Yoga with Karen!

Karen Grass, 500 Hr. RYT

Kula Center


6:00- 7:15pm $10.00 per Class

I began practicing yoga nearly 10 years ago when a knee injury sidelined my normal activities.  In my very first class, in emotional and physical pain, I realized something special was happening.  I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I kept coming back…and I kept feeling less and less pain.  I knew I needed to learn more.

To me, yoga is a physical practice that leads to a sense of inner wholeness and contentment.  It is a connection between the physical and spiritual realms where one can learn to see beyond one’s own suffering in order to connect with a higher, contented self.

I believe in the transformative power yoga, or any contemplative practice can have on one’s physical body, emotional state and ultimately on one’s soul.  Teaching others the process of fully inhabiting their bodies and minds, leads to a simple presence. Being present, open, relaxed, and aware serves as a foundation for compassion and wisdom to emerge from within.