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___________________________________________________________________________________________________Rob & Steve – Yoga

Rob Dorgan and Steve Bolia have been practicing yoga for 30 years.   biophoto_robandsteveBoth are former Ashtanga students who gradually moved into Anusara and now teach Alignment Based Yoga — studying with John Friend, Sianna Sherman and Mitchel Bleier.

Their classes emphasis the body, mind and spirit through an open heart, focus and optimal alignment.   Most often, they teach in tandem so the student receives manual adjustments from one, while the other is leading the class.   Rob is available for Private In-home yoga classes as well.

Be sure to check out their YouTube Channel – Rob and Steve Lifestyle for a collection of Free Yoga and Meditation classes.

Looking to go deeper – look us up at to view the Retreats and Special classes offered throughout the year.

email / 513.675.7582

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Uma & Trish – Nia

UmaI discovered Nia in 2003 during my quest for an exercise program that I would stick to for more that three months – 13 years later, I still love every minute of the magic that is Nia. As a scientist by day, I find that Nia helps balance out my logical untitledand practical side. Nia is a creative, expressive, and therapeutic movement form that leaves me feeling energized, centered and happy. I began my training with the white belt in 2009 to share the joy of Nia with others. With the completion of the brown belt in 2016, I continue to grow my teaching practice and am excited to witness my class evolve into a community of dancers that are finding joy in movement.

contact: 434.409.3758                                                                        Trish:

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Zahara – Belly Dance

Zahara has been studying belly dance for nearly fifteen years and has been    Zaharateaching belly dance fusion since 2004.  Her style is rooted in traditional Middle Eastern dance, weaving in elements of hip-hop and alternative dancing.  She’s hosted workshops by Ariellah, Kami Liddle, Moria Chappell and many more… keeping with her strong belief that we should be “life-time learners” of the art form.

email  / 513.515.9695


_________________________________________________________________________________________________Tallulah:  Belly Dance

Tallulah is the Tribaret teacher for the Dakarai Student / Performance Tribe. She began Belly Dance classes at Kula 12 years ago!

The Sunday Sessions are a return to Belly Dance body mechanics for intermediate to advanced dancers. Classes begin January 6 from 12:00 – 1:00pm and are ongoing.

Email with any questions.


Krista Lou: Yoga

I began practicing yoga in 2009. At that particular time, I was exploring new ways to cultivate an active lifestyle in hopes to finding something that I would enjoy doing as well as adhere to. I took my first studio-based yoga class right here at the Kula Center in 2014 when I began experiencing the stress of college life and motherhood. After a few years went by, I felt like it was time to deepen my practice. I did so by completing my 200-hr. yoga teacher training at Shine Yoga Center in Hyde Park. Now, I have the opportunity to share with others what yoga has done for me. Throughout my yoga journey, yoga has given me a chance to befriend myself by offering self-reflection, self-realization and self-compassion (Oh and let’s be honest, a little weight loss came with that too!). My mission is to help others reconnect with their bodies by achieving a practice using functional alignment-based yoga that feels safe without pain or injury. During our practice, my goal for you is to have the courage to express your own creativity with confidence and ease in a stress-free and accepting environment.
I can’t wait to meet you. See you on the mat!